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As a certified consultant for cellular medicine, I completed a 3-year training course at the Paracelsus Heilpraktiker-Schule in Hamburg. I have also completed training as a holistic health advisor & DORN massage practitioner through the professional association “Naturally Gesund eV”. Your health is important to me - what does that mean exactly !? For the best possible care for your body, it is essential that all of your cells function optimally in harmony with one another. What are the prerequisites for this? An optimal body milieu - i.e. a balanced acid-base balance - combined with a balanced psychosocial "milieu" is essential.

Information field balancing

Situations can leave formative, i.e. lasting, impressions. The information of a situation is stored in the information field (subconscious) based on its energetic vibration pattern. Later situations with similar information (similar vibration patterns) resonate with the information already experienced and stored in the information field (subconscious) and make it emotionally palpable again (positive as well as negative emotions). With the TimeWaver there is the possibility to track down acute as well as deep issues based on their oscillation patterns, to harmonize and balance them. Furthermore there is the possibility to strengthen positive topics (information). The aim of balancing with the TimeWaver is to bring all levels of consciousness into optimal equilibrium.

Heart rate variability analysis

Heart rate variability is the ability of an organism to change the frequency of the heart rhythm in order to meet changes in needs. Our body has a large number of regulatory mechanisms to change the heart rhythm. Two essential components are the sympathetic nervous system, which activates and accelerates the heartbeat, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which acts as a brake and slows down the heartbeat. A healthy person constantly adapts the heart rhythm to the requirements. In addition to physical stress such as sport or physical work, psychological stress such as stress also increases the heartbeat. With relief and relaxation, the heart rate drops again. The more our organism is able to regulate the frequency of the heartbeat, the healthier we are. If the heart only beats very rigidly, a person is on the verge of death.

Cell rate measurement

A painless analysis of 41 body functions and around 250 parameters without taking a blood sample within 60 seconds. Functions of the liver (protein and carbohydrate metabolism, detoxification function ...), gall bladder, pancreas (insulin ...), kidneys (uric acid, protein loss ...), gastrointestinal (secretion, peristalsis, absorption ...), large intestine (peristalsis, absorption, intestinal bacteria ...), endocrine system, thyroid, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function, lungs, blood sugar, blood lipids, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, bones, immune system and more. In this way, imbalances, deficiency symptoms or stress on various organs or organ structures can be recognized and compensated for at an early stage - even before health problems arise. Even in the case of existing health problems, a cell frequency measurement can provide information about the alleged causes. A large number of examinations can be saved under certain circumstances.

Vital blood dark field microscopy

Vital blood dark field microscopy is a procedure in which special lighting enables the identification of "normal" blood cells, structures and particles that are not visible with other methods. Prof. Dr. In his research, Günther Enderlein observed the cycle of microorganisms that changed their shape depending on the environment of the organism. He called them "endobionts" or "protites". With increasing stress on the body, they are able to develop their shape up to an aggressive parasite. These phases of change are assessed in the darkfield blood diagnosis. They give indications of the development of the disease at a very early stage. Naturopaths and patients consistently report good experiences with this diagnostic option. A vital blood dark field examination provides information on cellular changes, exposure to parasites (e.g. Borrelia), pathogens, electrosmog and the physical functions to be derived from them.

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  • Cyberscan: The Biofeedback Assessment of the Whole Body System - Here I use that Cell frequency measurement 
  • Hyberbaric Chamber: Breathing of pure oxygen under pressure - Here I offer Brown's gas inhalations in my practice. Browns gas is water, hydrogen and oxygen in all four physical states. Oxygen, among other things the strongest RADICAL, has to be neutralized in the body with hydrogen after “work is done”. If there is a lack of hydrogen due to a health situation or for reasons of age, oxygen causes tissue degeneration (compare rusting

Comparison of our performance with the offers at the Hippocrates Institute:

  • QRS: Pulsed Magnetic Therapy. Optimal for supporting the bones, improving sleep and restoring balance throughout the body - this is where I put the Power Tube a.
  • NuCalm: Neuroacoustic program - I also cover this over the Power Tube from.
  • Bioptron: Light therapy to rebalance the energy centers in the body - I have a Device with pulsed red lightwhich, however, is no longer used.


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