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The Life Transformation Program

The legendary program for the first time in Germany and in German.

From July 4th to 24th, 2021 near Munich

- only 6 places available - (2 single rooms available)

Are you ready to transform and optimize your health?

The Life Transformation Program is a comprehensive program specifically designed to help you cope with your current health challenges, compensate for nutrient deficiencies that lead to rapid aging, and optimize your health and immunity.

From the moment you join our program, we are always at your side. Big lifestyle changes can be intimidating if you try to do this on your own. That is exactly why we started this program.

We invite you - to extensive knowledge, nutrient-rich food, a pleasant environment and the concentrated support of our team. This is how you will achieve the long-awaited transformation.

There is so much to explore!

 When you arrive at the Hippocrates Health Institute, you will be greeted by our loving team. It ensures that you have access to everything you need: resources, people, medical applications, delicious buffets and recipes.


The experience

Your powerful detoxification and health transformation is achieved through a high-quality plant-based diet. The ingredients are all organic and rich in enzymes. We offer first-class natural food supplements and alkaline beverages, such as freshly squeezed organic wheatgrass and blue-green algae. We also serve green juices that are not only rich in protein, but also blood-forming. They will provide the body with all of the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

When you leave us, you will see and FEEL the results!
After you've completed the hardest part of this program, the detox process, with our help, the new habits quickly become a habit. So when you go home, you will easily take your new habits with you. We give you the support you need to benefit from the program in the long term.

"Our combined work of 100 years needs to be shared globally. We are pleased to do this in Germany, the heart and pulse of Europe, where change is often born.
We look forward to spending personal time with conscious people who not only want to further heal, but to help us all raise the human race and alleviate mother nature from her current sadness. "

-Dr. Brian Clement

Why 21 days?

1st week - detox

You are unique - so is your detox process.

In the course of our life our body absorbs numerous toxic substances from food and pleasure. During the first week you will do an intensive detox. Nutrient-rich foods and juices as well as medical applications paired with the most important findings from energy medicine should help you.

2nd week - growth

Things are looking up.

In the second week of the Life Transformation Program, the symptoms of the detoxification process have subsided and you are full of energy to actively perceive yourself and your surroundings. With the help of our informative lectures and teaching courses, you will surpass yourself! This week is all about yourself: take a bath, relax in the infrared sauna or take a walk in a picturesque landscape.

3rd week - transformation

You are no longer the person you were 21 days ago.

In 21 days you managed to internalize new practices that promise you a healthy life. Bad habits are a thing of the past! In previous courses, we found that the guests in the third week are particularly motivated. You feel good and you radiate it too. In the last few days they reflect on the time and their newly acquired knowledge - often they become our biggest fans. But not only in the last week, long after completing the Life Transformation Program, they radiate the joy of life.

Are you ready to get one step closer to your goal of improved health and start your journey with the help of the Hippocrates Health Institute?

Why raw vegan diet?

The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program aims to optimally support the body and its incredible self-healing power through a raw vegan diet.

It is a health program that was developed on the basis of evidence-based medicine and from a scientific point of view. When all of the emotional, environmental, and dietary toxins are eliminated, the body's immune system can rest. It is now concentrating on a very important work: getting rid of unwanted infections, breaking down toxic, stored substances and, above all, building new cells to regenerate damaged tissue and organs. 
Good nutrition and plenty of exercise are not enough for a full lifestyle. The staff of the Hippocrates Health Institute know this and through this knowledge they create a philosophy of positive thinking that is taught in the program. The focus is on transforming the mental and emotional abilities of the participants. This, in my opinion, is the essential part of the program and is one of the main reasons for its success. Wisdom from earlier centuries is practiced at Hippocrates: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Claude Brodeur

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Toronto

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Medical diagnostics

Test of the body's bioenergy

This test detects bioenergetic states of the body meridians. This is used to determine the individual stress and energy level as well as the natural balance of the body.

Bioresonance (cyberscan)

This investigation also comes from energy medicine. The cyberscan analysis makes it possible to measure disorders in the immune system and thus to get to the bottom of the causes of diseases. Everything that brings the body out of its natural balance is revealed. These can be mental, emotional or even physical causes. In the subsequent treatment, the body's self-healing powers are built up and optimized.

Spa treatments

Colon hydrotherapy

Most people underestimate the intestines as a pure digestive organ. Many do not know that a healthy intestinal flora significantly strengthens the immune system. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and painless treatment to remove induration and unwanted bacteria from the intestine, only with the help of water. The intestine is cleaned and the intestinal rehabilitation can begin.

Swedish massage

This massage is designed to relieve muscle tension. The essential techniques differ depending on the complaints and body region. Tensions are loosened and the blood flow in the body is promoted.

Seminar 2021

July 4th - 24th

The following services are included:

  • Overnight stay in a double room (single room on request, subject to availability)
  • All inclusive with daily organic buffets based on raw food
  • Green juices such as wheatgrass juice (organic)
  • unlimited use of state-of-the-art infrared saunas
  • State-of-the-art biofrequency and blood testing with our experts
  • Over 15 hours of informative classes on a wide range of practical and improvement topics
  • 3 Swedish therapeutic massages
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Swimming pond
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Leisure activities such as dancing, music, movies and games
  • Off campus trips to the beach, organic raw foods, local events, shopping, and more
  • Full access to our 20 acre campus, lush summer landscape, permaculture, ponds and hiking trails

Our location

Seminar location Ammergau Alps

This idyllically situated SEINZ 'property in the Ammergau Alps will be your home for the next three weeks. A place for conscious living and finding your own wisdom. Where silence, life and change can be felt. And every person with their own story is at the center.

Welcome us - and enjoy your time with us!


Our team


Christian Wenzel

Known as Mr Broccoli in Vegan Nutrition, Raw Food, Fitness & Health. He runs the largest podcast in the field of vegan nutrition and represents the Hippocrates Health Institute in Germany and Europe. Broccoli has been organizing Dr. Brian and Dr. Anna Maria Clement in Germany.

Martin Willer

Naturopath, nutritionist and owner of the Vitalien organic market in Hamburg.

We look forward to you.

Doris und Christian

Doris and Christian Kramer

Doris and Christian Kramer know from their own extensive life experience that a holistic lifestyle and careful handling make “the difference”. In the practice of maintaining one's own health and in the choice of healing methods - in daily work and in living with one another. Both initiators are passionate about their business and show great entrepreneurial commitment. After being active and successful above all in the software industry, with the SEINZ they are now setting a decisive impetus in the direction of HOLISTIC LIFE. Your vision of it takes the way into reality every day. As a contribution made and lived to the welfare of the worldwide human family.

Mario Bader

As a certified consultant for cellular medicine, I completed a 3-year training course at the Paracelsus Heilpraktiker-Schule in Hamburg. I have also completed training as a holistic health advisor and DORN massage practitioner through the professional association “Naturally Gesund eV”. Your health is important to me - what does that mean exactly !? For the best possible care for your body, it is essential that all of your cells function optimally in harmony with one another. What are the prerequisites for this? An optimal body milieu - i.e. a balanced acid-base balance - combined with a balanced psychosocial "milieu" is essential.


Dr. Brian Clement and Anna-Maria Clement

Brian Clement, Bestselling author and director of the famous Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida for 30 years, will be with his wife, Anna Maria Clement, for at least 5 days to be on site exclusively.  

Based on the latest scientific findings and over 40 years of clinical experience with hundreds of thousands of patients, he will also give you his knowledge and clearly and understandably show what causes today's epidemic of chronic diseases. But it also shows us how we can effectively counteract disease and aging processes by changing our way of life and diet and how we can achieve limitless vitality.

Find out more in a personal conversation


Get in touch, we will find the best individual solution for you.

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